Monday, June 25, 2018


I do not like doing this and I try to avoid it but I cannot this time. OMG…I cannot believe this. If you have bought or received gift certificates from the TOTAL WOMAN GYM AND SPA “BEWARE”. Like me most likely when you bought your gift certificates you were never given an official expiration date and you were told they never expire. They did not give you a tangible gift certificate. They would keep your purchases on file and whenever you wanted to use them they would be available. 

I just got off the phone with the manager of the spa on Topanga Canyon to find that policy has changed since the new owners have taken over a few weeks ago. Whatever gift certificates you have that you didn’t think would expire they have now expired and suddenly the certificates have an official expiration date. I had 5 massages/facials which I was told would never expire. I spent about $400 for those gift certificates which are now invalid however they did offer me a package “DEAL” of massages/facials providing that I pay another $400. 

How insulting.  And no, they are not offering anything except that "deal", all of nothing from a company that is supposed to be so successful, TOWN SPORTS INTERNATIONAL as I kept hearing from the manager. I AM SO IMPRESSED. They kept the money when the business changed but I do not keep the massages/facials. They add the money to their income or asset column will we take the loss. When someone tells me how successful someone or a business is I have learned that it is not always by being honest or fair which seems to be becoming more common these days.

I was so looking forward to using these services. I will not have a massage at this gym. Why should I? I already spent enough and got nothing for it. It seems I would be expected to patronize this spa after losing my money to them. They must think we are all crazy. I expect to be respected as a consumer which is becoming less common these days. Although this is a new company I trusted and went by what I was told and I got burned. 

According to the manager so did 500 other people and that is what she is aware of. How many more are there? We couldn’t all be wrong or upset for nothing. She claims she has sent over 300 emails trying to get some concessions but the company Town Sports International will not budge. Apparently, they are so successful around the country that you should be willing to lose money because of their success. How about that? 

I will not spend a dime with their day spa and I am considering a new gym. Perhaps I will go back to hopping around using Groupons, at least I know the true deal up front. I can go to any spa and spend money. 

I am so disappointed and disenchanted with this spa altogether. So friends be careful. These new owners do not seem to be willing to work with you and to honor what you have been told and trusted. I suppose they can add the money to their spreadsheets in their asset or income column which you are at a loss. But well, THEY are successful. Hmmmm……

Many of us are so hard on mom and pop companies and indies yet we tolerate and continue to support big corp while they take from us and keep getting bigger. When will we stand up and say no more? Let them use their money trying to buy up everything and change the laws by then perhaps we will exercise in a different way.