Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It's #MMC30

I can't think of better time to kick off my rebranded, brand spakin new website and blog. It is hard to believe it's been thirty years! Time sure has gone by quickly. It doesn't seem real, but this fact cannot be reckoned (there is video footage that proves it).

Being a part of the MMC #30 reunion has brought up so many memories. It is exciting to see the list of Mouseketeers that plan to attend the events, some I've worked with and others I have yet to meet. Part of the event is remembering those that have passed on since the commencement of production. I will be singing a song that many MMC viewers remember; “Miss You Like Crazy”. I sung this song by Natalie Cole in remembrance of my father who passed away while I was on the show. With much success this was such a hard time in my life. The fact is I will always miss him like crazy. Wow, it's been thirty years since my dad has passed away. As a kid I could not have imagined so much time would pass without the physical presence of my father and yet I survived. I'm very thankful to my mom who allowed me to grieve and help me work through this heartbreaking time.

While I vocalize and rehearse, preparing for my MMC #30 debut there are many memories that come to mind. MMC was such a huge part of my past. Many times, I've had to put off my rehearsal time to get over my tears as my throat tightens and I just couldn't get a note out. It doesn’t feel fresh as in I just lost my father last year but it doesn’t seem like thirty years ago either. As I inhale a deep breathe and recuperate, I remember the good times performing on set with the lights, and cameras in front of the studio audience, the many skits, the interviews, and many celebrities I had the opportunity to meet. The videos, and exciting musical productions, (which I enjoyed the most), the choreography, and costumes for each production. I had THE BEST TIME performing and being on stage. It is where I am to be!