Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Casey Anthony?

I remember the beginning developments of the case of Casey Anthony. I arrived in Florida and within just a day or so in being there the world was impacted with this news. My mother had us watching the uncovering of this case every day. I had and have plenty of thoughts but cannot say they are valid as I was not there. Yet the testimonies at that time didn’t add up, didn’t make sense, and seemed everyone was on a mission for a mad cover up.

Unfortunately in this world system it seems whether there is evidence or not or whether someone is truly innocent or guilty is not what matters. What matters is what you get a jury of people to believe or not believe. Who will be more convincing the defense or the prosecutor? Is the jury pure or tampered with and by whom? I have sat unbiased in court and observed evidence explicitly prove contrary to the prosecutor’s case and a guilty verdict still came forward. I have watched a long serving judge blatantly lead the jury into their biased conviction and this some how goes unnoticed, unchallenged, and proceeds to be acceptable. I have watched an entire game played to conquer the desired results. Doesn’t mean the person was innocent or guilty but it means there is a system that is designed to produce the results of the powers that be in many cases.

I don’t know if Casey Anthony did it or did not. What I think doesn’t constitute the truth. What I do know is this, there is accountability. I know that no deed goes unrewarded. We may never see the rewards with our natural eyes for another and that is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. Whether one is innocent or guilty we are not always be able to determine correctly but everyone must pay up good or bad. There is a law in effect all the time, reaping and sowing. It’s in the true Word 2 Tim 3:16/2 Peter 1:20-21 and even the world agrees, in the reaping and sowing that is.

Sadly a two year old who never had the chance to experience the beauty of life is dead. Tragically it was her own, gratefully it was no one elses child.

I will leave you with this. Jesus the only innocent without any sin that ever was, was found guilty with plenty of evidence against him. Praise Jesus he lives….Jesus saves.

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